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Personal Injury

Personal Injury Lawyer

A serious personal injury brings pain, trauma, and uncertainty to the victim. I work to

obtain compensation for these victims financial resources they can use to rebuild their lives.

I seek compensation for clients in all types of personal injury cases, including:

                                 Car accidents

                                 Truck accidents

                                 Motorcycle accidents

                                 Construction accidents

                                 Industrial accidents

                                 Product liability

                                 Dog bites

                                 Slip & fall

                                 Catastrophic injuries

                                 Wrongful death

Obtaining Compensation and Justice

Building a successful personal injury cases is a step-by-step process. I identify the true scope of the loss by measuring financial losses and when necessary obtaining additional medical evaluations. I document the causes of the accident and work to identify true liability through in-depth investigations and analysis. I tie the facts to the law to develop a strong and persuasive case.

While money can never completely compensate our clients, it can provide desperately needed medical care, long-term care, and rehabilitation, as well as make up for lost income. In addition, particularly in cases involving wrongful death, it can provide a measure of justice.