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I offer the expertise and refined judgment of my trial experience in a full spectrum of legal matters, both in and out of the courtroom. I am keenly aware of both the benefits and the costs of taking disputes to court. I regularly argue and try cases to judges and juries in state and federal courts and administrative agencies at all levels, and have extensive experience in the use of alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration.

I am committed to prudent, cost-effective and long-term case management. I therefore, evaluate individually the particular needs and situation of each client. I review with the client opportunities to achieve the most favorable outcome through the careful negotiation or mediation of a settlement. However, when litigation is the only option or the best course of action, I am known by clients, the opposition, and the courts for our innovative and aggressive advocacy.

My experience litigating and negotiating for clients in diverse areas including:

      • Personal Injury
      •  Tort law
      • Premises liability
      • Automobile Torts
      • Employee relations, freeze-out, discrimination law
      • Taxation
      • Environmental law
      • Municipal law
      • Land use, subdivision control and real estate title disputes
      • Personal injury
      • Civil rights