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Premises Liability

A lot of things can make a property dangerous—and a property owner potentially negligent and at fault when a visitor on the premises is injured. We commonly think of premises liability as a slip and fall accident on an icy sidewalk, but it can include:

A serious face or neck injury resulting from a dog bite or animal attack

The accidental drowning of a child who had access to an unprotected swimming pool An assault occurring in a “secure” building or parking lot

Suffering a back injury from a fall on a slippery floor in a shopping mall

A hip fracture from a trip and fall accident over items left on the floor in a nursing home

Suffering a broken leg, wrist or arm from a fall in a stairwell with no handrails

A crushing injury from a defective door closing on a person’s arm or back

A head injury from being struck by items falling from store shelves

Whatever the circumstances of your injury, you need an experienced lawyer to prove your case in the courtroom. A big Boston law firm will look at your case and see dollar signs; if they don’t see enough, they won’t take your case. At my law office I see injured people, not dollar signs. I have the legal skills needed to take your case to court.